As we manage through the Covid-19 crisis, BillingStar Solutions continues to innovate in ways to help the health professionals continue serving their patients. As such we are now offering new revenue streams for the health industry:

  1. Annual Wellness programs
  2. Chronic Care Management (CCM)
  3. Remote Physiological Monitoring
  4. Behavioral Health Care Prevention (BHI)
  5. Collaborative Care Management (CoCM)


  • Convenient direct access to your physician and our care team
  • Patient centered care to help improve your overall health
  • Convenient forms of communication for easy access
  • Greatly improves your quality of life by offering social and dietary support
  • Reduces the need for frequent travel to doctor visits or emergency room visits
  • Frequent medication review for patient safety
  • More cost-effective option to manage your health

These are all remote services we have partnered with Blum Telehealth.

For more information and demonstrations requests please email: [email protected]

ATTENTION: We are offering Telehealth services for medical practices free through September 13, 2020Learn More