The #1 In-Office Ancillary Service for Allergies

Patient Benefits

  • Immunotherapy is the ONLY treatment that alters the underlaying disease process
  • Convenient treatment delivery model
  • Reduced financial burden
  • Easier access & trust built with primary care provider

Practice Benefits

  • Reinforced medical home initiative
  • Enhanced continuity of care
  • Patient retention by offering additional services
  • Better healthcare delivery option
  • Leading source of ancillary revenue
  • Minimal Investment and resources
  • Practice earns 25% revenue from the paid claims  at no additional operating costs to the practice

BillingStar Solution

  • Full time allergy technician
  • All equipment & supplies necessary
  • Seamless back-office support (Pre-authorization, lab scheduling & patient follow-ups, billing & collecting, denial & clarification)
  • Best-in-class patient compliance & safety protocols
  • Treatment program resulting in 85% efficacy
  • Unparalleled legal compliance & support